This unwanted hair removal is a topic that most women are interested in. There are many ways to do this. There are pros and cons to them. Women also pay attention to the time and money spent on it. With all that said, how can a woman choose the best way to get rid of unwanted hair?

This unwanted hair of some women makes them look very ugly. And did you know that this unwanted hair growth can also be a disease? In fact, if these unwanted hairs grow too much, it is a condition called ‘polycystic ovarian disease’. So if your body hair grows this way, it is best to seek medical advice.

What are the methods of removing unwanted hair?

#1. Shaving.

Shaving is one of the easiest hair removal methods we all know from the past. What happens here is that a razor cuts the surface of the skin. In this case, the unwanted hair is removed by a razor,

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so the next time the hair grows, it grows back to the big size of the unwanted hair. That is why some women do not like this method so much. If you use this shaving method, your skin should be well moisturized. To do this, apply a body wash or shaving cream on the skin.

Then the most important thing is to shave it in the same direction as your unwanted hair plant. This is because shaving in the opposite direction can injure your skin.

One of the benefits of shaving is that you can do it without any pain.

#2. Waxing.

Waxing is a popular method of removing unwanted hair among women. Women who use this waxing method know that there are different types of wax.

  • Hot wax
  • Cold wax
  • Natural wax

Or you can get it from the market as a wax strip.

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You can use any of these waxes. But it is important that you are aware of the pros and cons here.

Let’s first see what are the advantages here?

  • The biggest advantage of this is that it can remove unwanted hair from a large area of your body in less time.

For example, It can remove unwanted hair on your hands and feet.

  • It is sufficient to do this procedure once a month or twice a month. But it depends on the speed of hair growth of each individual.
  • But here the hair is pulled out from the beginning so the next time the hair grows very slowly. Hair that grows that way is thinner than before.
  • Dead skin is also removed. So it adds a glowing feel to your skin after waxing.
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  • When doing waxing, you should be more careful about applying your wax in the direction of unwanted hair growth and sticking a wax strip or a piece of cotton cloth on it, and pulling it in the opposite direction to where the hair is growing.

Disadvantages of this wax include:

  • This is a very painful procedure. That is why many women are reluctant or afraid to do waxing.
  • Also, if you are using hot wax for waxing, it can burn your skin if you wax it too hot. So if you use hot wax, you have to be careful about its temperature.
  • Another disadvantage is that after waxing, some people may experience blisters, redness, or itching of the skin.
  • If you use wax from the market, you may even experience allergies due to its various chemicals.
  • Also, if you go to a beauty salon to apply wax, keep in mind that germs can be spread if several people use the same piece of wood and apply the same amount of wax to several people.
  • Another problem for women who use wax is the growth of hair inside the skin (ingrown hair). That way it is difficult to remove the hair that grows inside the skin.

Natural wax is made from sugar and lime. The advantages here are,

  • This removes dead skin very well.
  • It can be prepared at home at a low cost.
  • Chemicals do not contaminate.
  • Lime is a natural bleach that soothes your skin.
  • For these reasons, waxing is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

#3. Threading.

Threading is a method that many women use to remove unwanted hair from their upper lip, eyebrows, or all over the face. This threading method is used to remove unwanted hair on a small part.

Some people do not like this method so much. The reason is that this is a little painful like wax.

But if you use wax to remove unwanted hair in an area with sensitive skin like the face, over time your skin will fall out due to stretching. In such a case, this threading is more appropriate.

#4. Hair removal cream.

Hair removal cream is also a very popular method of removing unwanted hair. You can easily do it at home.

Disadvantages of this hair removal cream include:

  • What happens here is that the hair removing cream breaks down the unwanted hair surface on your skin. So when the hair grows back, the hair grows a little rougher.
  • Various chemicals are used to make these creams. They can sometimes have a detrimental effect on all of you. It can also cause various allergies.

#5. Epilator.

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Epilators are also a good way to remove body hair. Here it is possible to remove the hair from the roots.

#6. Laser hair removal.

Laser is a modern method used to remove unwanted hair. This is known as a permanent hair removal method. When the laser is applied several times, the hair on the skin stops growing. Unwanted hair grows but grows very thin.


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What happens here is that the hair roots are destroyed first. Cells that produce pigment are also destroyed. This method is often used to remove hair in areas where black hairs have grown. Using this method to remove hair in areas where the hair has grown strongly gives better results.

#7. Electrolysis.

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Electrolysis is another new method used to remove unwanted body hair.

This is done by applying a small amount of electricity to the hair follicle.

When this is done several times, unwanted hair growth does not occur again. When doing this it is best to get this treatment from a more experienced person. It is best to use this on small parts of the body. There is also a slight pain when doing this.

#8. Bleaching.

This bleaching method is used to reduce the amount of unwanted hair on the surface of the body in women. The biggest problem with bleaching is that the chemicals in it increase the chances of you all getting various infections.

In addition, there are various creams that can be used to reduce unwanted hair growth.

How to reduce the pain you feel when removing unwanted hair?

Waxing and trimming are a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair. But many people do not like this because of the pain felt here.


So how do you reduce this pain?

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Women, do your waxing or threading about a week after your menstrual period. This is because you will feel more pain during the week before your menstrual period or during the menstrual period. This is because, during this menstrual period, your hormonal activity increases and your skin becomes more sensitive.

When you remove unwanted hair on the upper lip or eyebrows, using a skin-numbing lotion will also reduce the pain.

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If you wax your unwanted hair, never shave. After shaving, the hair grows thicker and the pain you feel when you apply the next wax is intense.

Do not exercise on the day you wax, as excessive sweating can cause inflammation of your skin.

Also, after you wax or thread, apply a good moisturizer.


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