Siamese Cat as a Pet – For The First Time Owners.


If you’ve dreamed of raising a pet, you may have talked to experienced people about it by now. They may have suggested that you adopt a dog, a rabbit, or a bird as a pet. At the same time, he may have suggested that a cat is good. Yes, it’s a good idea if you like to spend time with cats. But which type do you choose? I suggest you have a Siamese cat as a pet. Siamese is actually a good breed. You will definitely like these cats which are very intelligent. Many cat lovers choose the Siamese cat as a pet, especially because of their eyes and striking body color.

Siamese Cat as a Pet

Think before adopting a Siamese cat as a pet.

Siamese I mentioned earlier as a good cat breed. Yes, I will tell you the reasons for this in this article. But there are a few things you need to know before you adopt a Siamese. After focusing on those things, you can think of a Siamese cat.

Siamese cats are attractive because of their eyesight and color combination. And you may think that their fur coat does not require much maintenance. Yes, there is no problem with thinking so. Stay tuned to this article so you can know the truth about it.

Well now let’s see what are the essential things you need to know about a Siamese cat. If you buy a Siamese cat as a pet, it will be easier for you to know those things. 

Siamese Cat as a Pet

  • Origin: Siamese cats originate in Thailand. This breed is one of the oldest cats in the world today, having close ties to the royal families of Thailand. They originated in Thailand and migrated to the United Kingdom and later to the United States. However, The Siamese cat as a pet is at the top of the list of the most popular cats in the world.
  • Appearance: These Siamese cats are easily recognizable because of their beautiful color palette. The blue color makes the eyes look attractive. Also, these cats’ short fur and low-shed fur coat can adopt a Siamese cat as a pet even for a person with allergies.
  • Personality: This Siamese cat as a pet befriends humans very quickly so there is a good bond between your family members and the Siamese. They have a very intelligent mind so they can teach something quickly and easily. It should also be noted that these pets are very sensitive. Therefore, even a harsh word you say can have a profound effect on their minds.

Siamese Cat as a Pet

It will not take long for this cat to fall in love with you and trust you very soon. These pets are often able to form good relationships with humans and are easy to keep even with small children. But keep in mind that it also affects the behavior of young children.

Advantages of having a Siamese cat as a pet.

  1. Siamese cat as a pet is less maintained than other cats. Due to its short fur coat, this breed does not require daily brushing like a pet with a long fur coat. Brushing once a week is enough to keep a Siamese cat coat clean. Also, like all cat nails, a Siamese cat’s fingernails should be trimmed once a week.
  2. This pet Siamese is so adorable. They quickly fall in love with their owner and become friends with your family. The special thing here is that this breed is very friendly with small children. These well-tolerated pets do not like to be alone. Remember that you need more attention there. Being alone for a long time can lead to depression. So think more about your busy schedule.
  3. Experienced owners say that this cat is a breed that can be easily trained. There is truth in that. Siamese is a pet with memory and intelligence to remember something. Their memory is further enhanced by recreational activities such as jumping through rings and solving small puzzles. But you must remember that the level of intelligence and skill of each cat is not the same.
  4. Siamese cats do not like to sleep during the day like other cats. They like to be active at all times and are also seen roaming during the day. But in general, any cat likes to play.

Siamese Cat as a Pet

Disadvantages of having a Siamese cat as a pet.

  1. Because they are always active, you may think that there is something good about having small children. Yes, they always want to be stimulated, so be sure to give different toys as needed. Otherwise, I think a Siamese cat as a pet would not be suitable for you especially if you are away from home during the day. Because being alone is not good for this type of cat.
  2. Also, due to your busy schedule, Siamese cats can be prone to various mental illnesses by having to be alone most of the day. So they can always be aggressive. And there is even the risk of the owner being bitten destructively.
  3. The other peculiarity of this breed is that it is often talkative. If you’ve heard that voice, you often feel like there is no end to talking like little children. Such a pet is not suitable for anyone looking for a quiet pet who wants to live quietly.

How to find a Siamese cat to adopt?

If you’re familiar with the above, you can now decide if you need a Siamese cat as a pet. Once all the issues are resolved you can now focus on the process of adopting a Siamese pet. 

Siamese Cat as a Pet

  • Before you bring a Siamese cat home, be especially careful about the safety of your pet. I have several reasons to say so. Be sure to secure your home with unsecured wiring, fireplaces, high shelves, and so on. Otherwise, it may harm your pet. I said so because Siamese is an intelligent as well as a curious cat who might be curious about such insecure things.
  • If you think of a Siamese cat as a pet, remember. Siamese is a pet that can be compared to a dog. You should not be surprised. I say that because some of the activities that Siamese do can be likened to a dog. Because they are active, they can be stubborn enough to do anything without thinking about the side effects.
  • Lastly, if you are thinking of adopting a Siamese cat, it is imperative to get a cat from a good breeder. Otherwise, you may be fooled by a breeder who looks like Siamese but is not Siamese. It is important to look for details on all breeds, such as registration. You also need to have an accurate understanding of the cat’s health.

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Bottom line.

Siamese Cat as a Pet

You can see now that there is nothing wrong with recommending a Siamese cat as a pet. Hoping for such an intelligent, active, low-maintenance cat, I think you can now make a good choice.

However, if you do not understand the correct breed, it is best to consult a veterinarian in your area and refer to a good breeder. No matter what type of pet you choose, think about your time and sacrifices. It’s good for you and your pet.

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