Persian cat caring – 05 Special Tips for Highly Maintain.


Many pet lovers are interested in this pet with a fur-lined coat. How much do you know about Persian cat caring, which tops the list of world cats? If you want to adopt a Persian, it is very important to be interested in these things. Take special care of your pet’s fur coat, eyes, ears, nails, as well as special things like bathing and feeding. Sharing with you many special facts about Persian cat caring will help you to become a good and smart Persian owner.

You need to pay attention to things like Persian cat caring for a, making time for him. I hope this adds something to your knowledge to assist you in caring for a Persian cat properly. (For more information: Types of Persian Cats)


Persian cat caring

The Need For High Maintenance When Persian Cat Caring.

Now you may be thinking about the responsibilities you have in caring for the Persian. Yes if you really want to adopt this breed you need high commitment and high maintenance. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is the beautiful fur coat that this breed has. It is very important to give your Persian pet the zoo he needs at the right time. So think about your busy schedule before choosing this type as your pet.


Persian cat caring

If all goes well, you need proper guidance and a schedule to take Persian cat caring. It makes it easier for you to work with a schedule in your daily routine. And because of the beautiful appearance of this breed, anyone can undoubtedly need high maintenance. They can look and health as good as the maintenance they receive. All in all, Persian cats are truly a pet that needs a high level of maintenance.

05 Special Persian Cat Caring Tips for a Smart Cat Owner.

01. Caring for Persian’s Fur Coat.

The first reason you like a Persian cat the moment you see it is its long fur coat. That cute furry coat confirms the identity of Persian cats. But the experience of owners who

are well versed in this type is that the most important part of caring for a Persian is maintaining their coat.

The outer covering of any animal is its fur coat. The fur protects the skin. Also, fur coats can cause skin infections if not properly maintained.

Daily brushing is a must when Persian cat caring. This will remove the knots in the fur. It also removes loose fur. This loose fur in particular can damage your pet cat’s skin. Also, knots can cause various infections under the fur.


Persian cat caring

If the knot in the fur stays on for a long time, then your cat’s fur coat may be dirty. Therefore, the whole body is likely to stick to the fur and matted. If so, it is very difficult to reprocess that fur. The only solution is to cut off the entire fur coat. So, you need to properly maintain your Persian coat to avoid such troublesome situations.

The comb used for combing is very important when maintaining a fur coat. When choosing it, choose a comb that is made for the skin. Brush your cat thoroughly with it. Another important thing is that your pet should be accustomed to this maintenance process at an early age. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to maintain your pet later on.

02. When Bathing Your Pet Persian.

Bathing can be considered an important part of Persian cat caring. Bathing is one of the most important parts of keeping the fur coat I mentioned above healthy. You need to have a proper bath to minimize the entanglement of your Persian pet’s fur coat, to prevent the infestation of insects such as fleas, and to remove any dirt that may accumulate on the fur coat.

But there are some opinions that cats do not need a separate water bath because they are a pet that cleans their own with saliva. But that is a misconception. Although they lick and cleanse the body, it does not completely cleanse the fur coat.

Even for a small kitten, it is important to get used to bathing at an early age. As cats grow older, it can be difficult to get used to bathing. Also, getting used to this bath will help strengthen your Persian pet and your bond.


Persian cat caring

And the most important thing is the type of shampoo or soap you use when handling your Persian cat caring. You should make sure to use products that have a pH that is good for the skin. Otherwise, using it substandardly can expose your pet’s skin to various infections.

03. Your Attention Helps Persian’s Breathe.

A special difference between your Persian pet and other common cat pets is the high level of difficulty in breathing. This is because the nose position of this breed is shorter than that of normal cats and the nose protrudes less than the face. Because of this, they are more likely to get blocked due to various things in the nose.


Persian cat caring

 Another special feature is that your pet’s nose does not have a protective layer like other cats’. This prevents the contaminants from entering the nose. But unfortunately, it is not located for Persian breeding.

For these reasons, you need to pay special attention to your pet’s nose. Cleanse the nose with a warm damp cloth at least once a day. Persian cats also have a special vaccine before they have difficulty breathing. It is important that they are given by a veterinarian on a regular basis. This way you can minimize the unnecessary risk to your pet by fulfilling your responsibilities in Persian cat caring.

04. Caring of Persian Cat’s Eyes, Ears, and Claws.

  • Eyes: By nature, this breed has two teardrop eyes. Although it is normal, it is important to work on reducing the flow of tears. It is sufficient to clean the pet’s eyes twice a day. The cleaning agent should be soft and clean (tissue paper, toilet paper).

 If you find that your Persian tears are abnormal, seek medical attention immediately. There you can learn more about eye cleansing.


  • Ears: Ear cleaning once a week is sufficient. The amount of wax deposited inside the ear varies from pet to pet. However, these waxes prevent dirt from entering the ear. Therefore, it is important to have them inside the ear. so, once a week cleaning should be done to remove the accumulated dirt.

For this, you should use soft toilet paper and clean the outer ear thoroughly with damp toilet paper, but do not try to clean the inside of the ear too much. It can damage the ear.

  • Claws: Trimming the nails every two weeks is sufficient. It would be a mistake to think that cutting nails like this will prevent your pet from hunting. They like to hunt like normal cats.

Cleanse your eyes, ears, nose as well as your nails, and practice your Persian at an early age.


05. Care for Food During Persian Cat Caring.

Finally, we will talk about the healthy diet of Persian cat caring. In fact, the Persian is a pet with a luxurious lifestyle and can gain weight quickly by staying at home. It’s not that good. Being overweight can lead to heart disease and diabetes. So make sure you give your cats proper nutrition.

Persian cat caring


Non-communicable diseases can occur because they are less active even when they are at the home.

So all you have to do is play with your pet for an hour, two hours every day to avoid such a risk. It provides good exercise and burns the unwanted energy stored in the body.


Final Conclusion.

I hope this article has answered many of your concerns about Persian cat caring. In fact, you think Persian cats are a pet that needs high maintenance because of the work that needs to be done for him on a daily basis. But I know you’re not going to think twice about adopting a Persian pet if you manage all of that work on a schedule.

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