Here is the best way to lose weight if you have been having problems for a long time. This weight-loss method is taught to us by Japan. Japan is a country with a lot of active people. They are often not overweight and rarely have problems with being overweight. But in such a case the methods followed by the Japanese are often effective.

Most Japanese are healthy. This is because they often follow a healthy diet. Today I am going to tell you about this weight loss method that Japanese people do in their normal life. Most Japanese people had a lot of space for water in their diet.

In this method of Japanese weight loss, the focus is on drinking water. The specialty here is, In addition, you can use this water therapy method even in everyday life. But if you use it on a daily basis, be sure to do this with restraint.

Now let’s see how this water therapy works for weight loss.

There are three ways to use water in this water therapeutic weight-loss method.

  • boiling the water and catching the steam

  • bathing in water

  • drinking water

There are three ways you can lose weight.

Let us now see how to use these methods one by one.

#1. Have you ever thought that steam can help you lose weight?

Yes, you can. Reduce excess weight in your body with steam. But how? 

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Usually, if you want to try this method, you need a steam room for this. The steam that enters your body in a steam chamber dissolves the unwanted fat in the body.

But if you want more results with this, do this steam treatment after you exercise. Because you’ve sweated well after exercising, the steam makes it easier to burn more fat.

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Do not worry if you do not have a steam room to do this treatment. To do this, you can take a pot filled with hot water and do this with the rising steam.

#2 AND #3. Water drinking and water bath

Both drinking water and water bathing work together. So let’s talk about both methods now. 

Here you have to do this treatment within a whole day. The treatment lasts from the time you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night.

Well, let’s see how to do this.

  • First, fill a clean clay pot with water before you go to bed at night. If you like, put a few slices of lime in the clay pot filled with that water.

  • Now when you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water from the pot of water you prepared the night before the meal.
  • Then you take a bath with lukewarm water.
  • After that, you should fast for 45 minutes. But if you feel hungry or have an upset stomach during that fasting period, drink water instead of food.
  • Here there, we have to drink the water in the clay pot filled with water that we mentioned earlier.

  • Then you have your breakfast. But you should avoid eating heavy meals for breakfast as you did in the past. Use low-fat, low-carbohydrate, non-sweet foods for all your meals.
  • Now, after you finish breakfast, drink a glass of lukewarm water. If necessary, add a few drops of lime to the water.
  • Now you have to fast until your lunch. Avoid other foods or soft drinks before lunch. Drink only clean water.
  • Here there, you have to remember, as before, you are not allowed to drink tea and coffee after breakfast.


  • Now drink a glass of plain water before your lunch.
  • Have your lunch now. After lunch, you can drink a glass of lukewarm water again.
  • Now again, avoid any other food until your dinner and drink only water.

  • The most important thing you need to remember is to have your dinner two hours before going to bed. But before that, you should drink a glass of lukewarm water. Then you have dinner and go to bed two hours later.

You can lose weight again in the morning to night by water therapy. When you do this for a few days, you will gradually lose weight. But did you know that exercise is also 15% important for that?

In the earlier points here, you wondered why I was told to put water in a clay pot?

The answer is that the clay in the clay pot has the ability to absorb unwanted free chemicals in the water.

And by drinking a variety of vegetables or fruits that have been added to drinking water, which is a very popular method today, you can also nourish your body.

Here it is very important that the vegetables or fruits added to the water are fresh.

They also have the potential to destroy harmful chemicals in the water.

If you have a condition such as gastritis or suffer from diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, consult your doctor before performing this weight loss treatment.

Keep in mind that none of these activities can help you lose weight or gain weight if you never control your diet.

Diet also contributes 85% to weight loss. The remaining 15% should be given to the body through exercise.

If you are thinking about your body shape, appearance, and weight, try to include natural vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Drinking water regularly, as mentioned above, will help you lose weight as well as enhance your skin tone.

How beneficial it is to drink a glass of clean water instead of spending money and drinking sweetened sweeteners.

According to medical recommendations, the average person should drink 6 liters of clean water a day. It flushes out unwanted substances in the body. It is also used to reduce body fat.

Drinking water is very important to lose weight as well as to avoid various diseases.

Eat foods that boost your body’s immune system. Live a healthy life.


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