What is the connection between COVID-19 and cats?

Actually how cat owners may have higher immunity for COVID -19? You think about it now, don’t you? If you have a pet cat, you can now understand the answers. 

This was discovered by,

Sabina Olex Conder, a doctor in Madrid. She used 100 patients with coronavirus infection. In fact, the coronavirus can be tolerated by dogs and cats. They were even completely asymptomatic to coronavirus in many cases.

Cats can actually have the feline coronavirus that does not infect humans, according to Sabina Olex. Cats appear to have developed antibodies to the feline virus, which can kill the human virus. 

  Sabina Olex came to this conclusion when she asked infected patients if they had pets when talking about home isolation plans. She realized that patients with corona infection did not have cats.

So what about dog owners?         

Some of them are dog owners, not almost any cat owners. Yes, even though the research was small with minimum statistics, Sabina Olex will soon be able to develop this study with no statistics. Once this situation really improves. This will allow her to have a wider number of patient interviews to help with statistics.

    This process is called cross-reactivity, according to Sabina Olex, and exists within nature. When there is constant daily contact with the hair and saliva of domestic animals. This can reinforce people’s immunity against various viruses. This is not a guarantee of safety because it is not associated with the cats’ coronavirus.

        Prior to this, not every person developed immunity in the same way. The hypothesis, suggested by Sabina Olex, concludes that contact with hair and saliva from sedentary pets has the ability to strengthen human immunity against COVID-19. The number of animals abandoned due to this corona epidemic has increased in a short period of time. That is a sad fact.

It may be a very smart idea to socially distance yourself from others, including your pets if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. 

This protects your family and pets. If you have been tested positive for COVID-19 and you notice your pests acting differently than normal, immediately call your nearest veterinary doctor to explain the odd behavior. 

Other benefits of cats for your health.

Scientists studying the human-animal bond have discovered their health benefits of owning a cat. Even that the little cat can be good for you!

01. Help your cardiovascular system.

   Studies at the University of Minnesota have shown that people who do not own cats are 30 to 40 percent more likely to die of heart disease. dog owners, you don’t see the same benefit. The chance of death from sudden heart attacks is reduced for cat owners. A study determined that pet owners were more likely than anonymous to survive a heart attack regardless of the severity of that attack. According to various researches, having a cat with a low salt diet compares to how much it helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.


02. Help your immune system.

Having a cat stimulates your immune system. Owning a cat may lead to improved social support, reduce depression, and more love to play and exercise. All of these help your immune system function better and cats can tell when you’re not feeling well. They help you to comfort yourself.

03. Avoid allergies and respiratory problems.

Children who grow up around cats and dogs develop immunity to allergens at an early age. Reduces the risk of respiratory disorders, including asthma.

04. Lower your blood pressure.

Patting your cat is coming and reduces your blood pressure studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo found lower blood pressure in the study subjects who own pets compared with those who did not.

05. Lower your cholesterol and triglycerides.

Diet and exercise go a long way toward reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels but owning the cat help because a 2015 Canadian study found owning a cat lowered cholesterol better than even some medications.

06. Reduce your stress risk.

A study from the University of Minnesota has found that cats can reduce your risk by up to a third.

07. Heal your bones and muscles.

        Spirit of frequency between 22 140 hurts which is known to have therapeutic effect bones heal best at 25 hurts and 50-hertz frequencies and 100 tests in 200 hats are also helpful soft tissues like muscles tendons and ligaments heal faster at these frequencies and infections in swelling are also healed in this frequency range.

08. Reduce anxiety and stress.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle with more work and socializing interacting with a pet brings playtime and creativity back into your life caring for your cat and cuddling with your cat takes your mind off your own worries in reducing levels of anxiety and stress.

09. Improve your mood, relieve depression.

       Cats may have the reputation of being solitary and social animals, but cat owners know this is not the case. A cat’s love and friendship can lift your spirits and reduce depression. It helps you feel better about life.

10. Reduce loneliness.

       Having a personal cap connection is a form of social interaction if your group of friends is small too far away your cat can help relieve your feelings of loneliness. You can improve your mood by spending time with your cat at the end of the day. Far apart empty nesters fulfill the need to nurture and find a reason to get up in the morning by only looking at the social support provided by your pet. Cats encourage you to do more with outsiders.

11. Therapy pets reduce medical expenses.

People with cats reduce the number of visits to work doctors and hospitals to the average person. Overall their medical expenses are reduced. Therapeutic dogs in schools with special needs and nursing homes have somewhat common therapeutic cats.

Cats may not be able to secure nine of their lives on their owners. But sharing with a cat can improve one life you have.

Finally, we would like to tell you to stay home safely.
For it is better to be safe than sorry.


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