How Good is a cute Pomeranian puppy as a Pet Dog?


A cute Pomeranian puppy is a good choice to make as your pet. Experienced dog owners often approve of it. There are a lot of interesting things to talk about this breed of dog that looks lovely. Considering those facts, how good is a cute Pomeranian puppy as your pet? Decide for yourself. 

This breed of dog is primarily known as the ‘Pomeranian’. But in addition, there are several other names for this breed. They are, ‘Pom Dog, Pom-Pom, Pom, Zwers. Although small in size, they can challenge a dog with a body as large as their strength. 

If you are thinking of adopting this cute Pomeranian puppy as your pet, you can also find this breed at many dog rescue centers. Therefore, it is better to give a home to a homeless pet that is great work.

cute Pomeranian puppy

Main Facts about the cute Pomeranian puppy.

Anyone wishing to bring a pet home should know all the details about their favorite pet. It is important to choose a dog that is suitable for your pet’s environment, choose a pet that is suitable for your family environment, and so on. 

In this article, we will talk about the most important things you need to know about the cute Pomeranian puppy. In particular, you need to think about how your pom pet started, personality, behavior, care, and so on.


This cute Pomeranian puppy was born in Pomerania in the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. This breed is bred from the German Spitz. This Pomeranian dog breed is also associated with other breeds of dogs. They are Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, and Norwegian Elkhound. 

According to all these breeds, the thick fur coat, eyes, head, nose, etc. show the same body parts. The first generation of your cute Pomeranian puppy dogs weighs between 25-30 pounds.


Today, this cute Pomeranian puppy is 7-14 inches tall and weighs 3-7 pounds. Because of this small height, many dog lovers like these puppies. But in some cases, a Pomeranian dog weighs about 14-16 pounds. It is considered by many to be a feature of the early Pomeranian dog. 

cute Pomeranian puppy

Special mention should be made of the fur coat of this breed. Pom has a thick rough upper coat and a soft undercoat. Most likely you think the coat will shed quickly due to its nature, but a good bath and fur combing can prevent such shedding. 

The eyes of this cute Pomeranian puppy are red, orange, almond, brown, black, blue, and white. These pom-poms are also popular for their fox-like face, triangular ears, and fur tail.


Pomeranian dogs are a bit aggressive with other dogs and humans to show their dominance. But the cute Pomeranian puppy can be described as a very friendly, playful, and active dog. They are very attentive and have a habit of barking for a long time, even in small things. This is because these puppies are very attentive to their territory.

cute Pomeranian puppy

When training these dogs with great intelligence, the owner has the ability to do what he wants quickly. They are more likely to be stubborn, especially if they socialize a Pomeranian without proper training. The special feature of this pom-pom training is the ability to train them to be alone by using toys.


This cute Pomeranian puppy loves to socialize with other animals and humans. He is also a talented and energetic pet. But sometimes these dogs try to collide with dogs that are larger than their body size or strength. It is the responsibility of the owner to train as much as possible to prevent it.

They are also known as good guard dogs. As mentioned above it is very important to train them to be able to control their barking.

cute Pomeranian puppy as a Pet Dog?

By socializing the cute Pomeranian puppy at an early age, as with all dogs, they become well-personality dogs at a young age.

Additional facts about the cute Pomeranian puppy.

  • Did you know that Pomeranians are definitely domestic dogs so high heat is bad for them? Yes, there is truth in that. Excessive heat can cause pom dogs to suffer from heatstroke. Therefore, it is not advisable for these dogs to be outdoors for long periods of time.
  • A cute Pomeranian puppy is well suited for small children but it is not advisable to have puppies with children without supervision. This is because these puppies do not like to be with very active children and very young children.
  • It is especially dangerous to keep these pets alone outdoors. This is because large birds such as hawks, owls, and eagles can easily prey on them.
  • Mostly this cute Pomeranian puppy is well suited for urban areas. Because they need short walks and short workouts are ideal for apartments.
  • These dogs are a bit difficult to train at home and cage training is ideal.

When owning a cute Pomeranian puppy.

  1.  Basically, there are a few special things to consider if you want to adopt a cute Pomeranian puppy. Look at your family environment first. I have an important reason to say so. It is not advisable to keep a Pomeranian dog as a pet in a home with very young children. Because such children can inadvertently harm small puppies. Puppies can also become irritable due to the harassment of young children, which can lead to harm to children from the dogs.
  2. It is also important to find out all the historical information about the Pomeranian puppy that you get. Do some research on the puppy’s mother, father, and ancestors. It is essential for the good health of your puppy as well as many other things.
  3. Special attention should be paid to the care of these dogs. Often these pets are classified as apartment-friendly dogs. The reason for this is that these Pomeranians are very active at home for a short period of time and a short walk as an exercise is sufficient.
  4. Your knowledge of their food is essential when raising this cute Pomeranian puppy. Since a dog is a single creature like humans, care should be taken about its agility, body weight, body size. (For more information: Pomeranian Maintenance Costs)

cute Pomeranian puppy

The Final Decision.

Finally, the cute Pomeranian puppy you choose will come home to live with you as a member of your own family. I mean, like most people, you’re looking for a pet dog in the market to buy for the money. But did you know that there are many such dogs in dog rescue centers? They want your love too. How much better to own a home for a homeless pet than to spend a lot of money and give another home to a pet owner. Think for a moment.

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