Correct Information About The Black Golden Retriever Dog.

Black Golden Retriever
One must first know that the Black Golden Retriever is not really a pure breed.

The Golden Retriever you usually see is a brown to white creamy shade. Do you know the dog that shows the characteristics of the Golden Retriever with dark midnight shaded coat. Do you think that’s just another type of typical Golden Retriever breed? You get different information from different places where you get information about them. One must first know that the Black Golden Retriever is not really a pure breed.

Like normal pets, these black furry Retriever dogs are active, intelligent, and friendly companions. Their breeding originated in England. I found a lot of different things in my surveys about this. In light of that, some have suggested that there is no such thing as a truly black Golden Retriever. Others have suggested that their color was generated with genetically. If you want to know more about this without a doubt come with me. It is important that you know the correct information if you are interested in them.

Black Golden Retriever

Specialty Of The Black Golden Retriever.

Black Golden Retriever


The gene that controls the color of a dog’s skin and coat is commonly known as MC1R. The color of the skin or coat is determined by the predominance and recessive of this gene. E is the predominant form of normal melanin and results in a “black” color. Accordingly, the Golden Retriever usually activates the “e allele” depression for the yellow or red color of dogs and converts the normal melanin produced in the body into eumelanin.

A rare genetic mutation in this process can cause black spots on the body of your Golden Retriever pet. But the whole coat cannot be black. That’s why the dog with the black coat and golden Retriever look you’ve ever seen can not be called the pure Black Golden Retriever. The dog with the golden-looking black coat you see may actually belong to the flat-coated Retriever breed.

Black Golden Retriever


The flat-coated Retriever, or the black-coated Retriever you see, has several different characteristics that distinguish it from the average Golden Retriever dog. In addition to the color of the coat, there are some changes in their appearance.

I guess you do not need a weird explanation about the colors of the Golden Retriever coat. The back area of ​​flat-coated Retriever dogs has a shiny coat (flat-coated) with a slightly flatter appearance. And it may not be black every time you see it as black. Their coat may also be liver-colored. Normal Golden dogs have a box-like head, but this black Retriever’s head looks narrow.

The body is slightly larger than the flattened surface, but it is barely visible. Because height and weight are the same, the easiest way to distinguish these two types is by the head and fur texture.

Black Golden Retriever

Strength And Intelligence.

From the information I have found about their history, they have been used as hunting dogs in the past. But even though they are now domestic dogs, they still have the traits of hunting from generation to generation. Therefore, Golden Retriever dogs as well as flat-coated Retriever (Black Golden Retriever) have very high body strength. Like normal dogs, their energy does not diminish with age as they grow up. Exercise is a very important part of life as it has energy throughout life. One hour and 30 minutes of exercise a day is usually sufficient.

Black Golden Retriever

One of the problems that many dog ​​lovers face is how to train their new pets. Is it difficult? Such as. There is no particular reason for you to worry about training on these two breeds. I say that because Black Golden Retriever (flat-skinned) dogs have good intelligence and sensitivity. If you are expecting this type of pet, you must first understand that you should never go around correcting their mistakes rudely or harshly during training. Even if something goes wrong with your pet, the best way to correct it is to not give them the usual treats you give them or just ignore them.

Black Golden Retriever

This should be done the other way around. That is, it is a positive incentive to give your Retriever pet the kind of treat they want if they are to be further encouraged to obey your word during training.


They are able to bond well with your family members very quickly. If you have small children in your home, you do not need to worry about having these pets with your children. But if your children are agitated, they may also be a little agitated because of their energy level. But fear not. Golden Retriever and flat-coated retriever dogs have very good tolerance.

Visit AKC and Dogtime to learn more about the flat-coated Retriever (black Golden Retriever).

How Do You Get This Breed For Adoption?

Black Golden Retriever

If you want to adopt a black Golden Retriever dog, you must first find a breeder who specializes in that breed. You can get this type of black dog for between $ 1500 and $ 2000. (learn about Golden retriever prices). If you contact a reputed breeder, you will no doubt know all about this Black Retriever breed.


Black Golden Retriever

In the end, I think the above information is enough to determine if you are choosing a Golden Retriever or a flat-coated Retriever.

Now you have no problem distinguishing between the two types as the texture of the fur and the appearance of the head can distinguish the two species. However, these black Golden Retriever dogs are very good family dogs so if you are looking for a pet with good social interaction this breed is highly recommended.

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