Colors of Siamese cats. (06 Basic colors / special 05 rare colors)


Speaking of the Siamese spectrum, white or cream has a blue-eyed appearance based on the body. The colors of Siamese cats are based on the color of the spots on their face, legs, and tail. The colors at those points vary. Basically seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, etc. can be mentioned. But we still need to talk about the colors of Siamese cats.

In this article, I hope to tell you about the colorful cats you have often seen and the rare colored Siamese pets.

This cat breed is the oldest cat in the world among Asian cats that originated in Thailand. But this color registration has been mentioned in various institutions but is not mentioned as the official spectrum.

Siamese is a beloved pet with a short fur coat. To learn more about the benefits of having a Siamese cat as your pet, Siamese Cat as a Pet see the article.

Colors of Siamese cats

Basic And Popular Colors of Siamese Cats.

  • Seal Point Siamese.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Siamese pets maybe this seal-pointed cat. The reason I say so is because this breed is the most popular breed in the world when it comes to the colors of Siamese cats. 

But someone who does not have a proper understanding of this may have a problem with the color of the seal point. This color is dark brown. The body is colored with dark brown pointed on the creamy coat (face, legs, and tail).

Colors of Siamese cats

Usually, this breed has a pale cream color at a young age, and the seal color changes to darker with age.


  • Chocolate Point Siamese.

Is it hard for you to distinguish between these chocolate point types and seal point-colored cats? These two breeds are easy to distinguish from an experienced cat owner. But if you do not have such experience, this information will be a good solution to your problem.


Colors of Siamese cats

In fact, in the colors of Siamese cats, Chocolate Point Siamese is a dilute color of Seal Point Siamese. Their bodies are ivory in color and their faces, ears, legs, and tail are colored in warm milk chocolate.

  • Blue Point Siamese.

This blue point color is a mixture of silver and gray-blue. These colorful marks can be seen on the face, ears, legs, and tail.

It is also said by some to be the most expensive colors of Siamese cats. But if you like this color it is very important to find out about the cat’s parents before getting this blue point cat. Otherwise, you will think of Seal Point Siamese instead of Blue Point due to your ignorance.

  • Lilac Point Siamese.

This breed is pinkish-gray in color. This is also known as the dilute version of Blue Points. Also, this color variant was introduced in the 1960s. This variety is popularly known as “Frost” in the United States.

  • Cinnamon Point Siamese.

Cinnamon Point Siamese is a pet with an ivory body with warm-dusty-brown markings. Their legs are slightly pale compared to other limbs. Some say this is a version of the Chocolate Point variant.

  • Apricot Point Siamese.

When it comes to the colors of Siamese cats, the next most common is the apricot point. Here are the points with the warm color of the apricot kernel, a mixture of white and cream. As with other varieties, this color is darker as the small kitten ages.

Colors of Siamese cats

Rare Colors of Siamese Cats. (Special Section).

  • Balinese.

Siamese cats of this color are special than average Siamese cats. This is because they have different genes from standard Siamese cats. The Siamese pet we talked about so far has a short fur coat, but this Balinese has a medium-length fur coat. Also due to the silky coat, this breed is known to be rare among the basic Siamese.

  • Flame point.

Speaking of the colors of Siamese cats, this flame point is transmitted by crossing the red tabby and the Siamese. This type is also known as the “red dot” and the “orange dot”. Their face, ears, and legs are light pink in color. This blue-eyed Flame Point cat’s coat is shiny.

  • Tonkinese.

When it comes to the colors of Siamese cats, these Tonkinese are special because of their personality, loyalty, and hypersensitivity. This variety comes from Canada. The cat’s coat with two green eyes is a shiny, smooth one with medium-short fur.

  • Ivory Point.Colors of Siamese cats

The coat of this type of cat is pure white. When talking about the colors of Siamese cats, They are also reminiscent of ordinary Siamese or Balinese cats. Anyone who sees this breed with a shiny short fur coat will think that this breed has albino genes. In fact, they are more likely to be blind or deaf when they have such genes. But in fact, nothing like that belongs to this breed. These are also known as “foreign whites”.

  • Lynx Point.

This breed is special because of the striped features on its body. This is a breed of cat that has been bred from the above-mentioned Seal Point and Toby cats.


Colors of Siamese cats

This way there is a lot of information about the many colors of Siamese cats. However, there is no official reference to the spectrum. Cats in the United Kingdom and the United States also report various variations on these color variants.

So if you are thinking of adopting a Siamese cat as a pet, it is very important to know its genealogy. I hope this article about “Colors of Siamese Cats” will help you a lot. 

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