British shorthair cat – 10 color variations.

British shorthair cat

Many people generally think of the British shorthair cat as a cat with a blue-gray fur coat. But it is not so. The blue-gray British breed is the standard breed. There is a British shorthair cat in other colors like black, chocolate, fawn, ginger, cinnamon. The breed is the same regardless of the color. Here I am focusing on sharing information with you about all 10 colors, including the colors mentioned above and a few other colors.

About British shorthair cat.

British shorthair cat

These British cats can be recommended as a very good cat breed. If you are a first-time owner I would highly recommend this British. But the important thing is that this breed usually has a high level of cost. But luxury maintenance is not required. You can choose this type of pet based on your monthly income.

Due to their thick coat and orange eyes, these cats are easily attracted to you. It has short fur and does not require a high cost of maintenance. But fur shedding is more likely to occur in different seasons. Coating at that time can minimize that condition.

However, due to the personality of this British shorthair cat, they are able to build a good relationship with their owner and family members. This very loving pet is special in that it prefers to be independent compared to other cats. It can be considered as an advantage on your busy days. This way you can trust British Shorthair as a good home pet.

British shorthair cat

British shorthair cat in 10 colors.

Due to the special fur coat of these cats, it is a popular breed among many cat lovers. They are also known as “Teddy Bears” because of their coats and round appearance. They are usually identified by their blue-gray coat. But as mentioned above there are British shorthair cats with coats of other colors and patterns.

Now I will describe those colors one by one. See if it has the color you like.

01. Blue Color.

First I will tell you about the most common coat-wearing British cat. Yes, I mentioned above that most people think that these are cats with blue and gray mixed coats. They come to this conclusion because there are so many colors all over the world.

British shorthair cat

This is usually the color of the oldest cats in the British breed. These cats with blue and gray have no stripes or patterns on their body. But newborn British kittens show streaks and fade as they grow older. The pads on the nose and feet of these cats are the same color, but both eyes are gold, orange, or copper.

02. Chocolate Color.

British shorthair cat

First of all, the British shorthair cats got this chocolate color by combining it with the chocolate-colored Persian cats. Also, the color of these cats when they were little was not so dark. But with age, the color becomes dark chocolate. Keep in mind that cats of any color other than chocolate do not fall into this category. This includes only all chocolate colors, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. British cats of this color are also known as Havana and Chestnut.

03. Solid Colors.

This is not really a color. These solid or monochrome colors are what British cats with single-color coats are known for. The blue-gray color I mentioned earlier also belongs to these solid colors. Also white, chocolate, and cinnamon belong to this monochrome category. This includes British shorthair that has the same color all over the body with no streaks, blemishes, or other patterns on the body.

04. Black Color.

British shorthair cat

It must be said that black British shorthair cats are very rare. This black color on their body should be a single pure black with no rust shades or brown spots at all.

However, many experienced owners and breeders say that this breed is difficult to breed.

05. Fawn Color.

British shorthair cat

These fawn-colored British cats are born only by crossing two cats of the same colors. The color of the kitten can only be determined by DNA testing. No guessed colors are accepted.

Especially this fawn color is also rare and more valuable. Also, some say that this color came from abroad. Others say it is a dilution of cinnamon.

06. Tabby Color.

British shorthair cat

This British shorthair cat coat has a thick and clear color pattern. Also, the “M” shaped mark on their foreheads is useful as an identification point here. These cats in particular have a ring-shaped color pattern around their legs and abdomen. They fall into the categories of classic tabby, mackerel tabby and spotted tabby.

07. Cream Color.

British shorthair cat

This color is known as the dilute color of light red British cats. Also, this color is not as dark or red as the fawn color and can be said to be a cream color due to the white mixture. However, this cream coat is arguably the oldest color of the British breed with a solid color.

08. Lilac Color.

British shorthair cat

What makes these cats special is that the color of their underwear is lighter than the color of their outer coat. Also known as lilac, it is a combination of three colors: gray, blue, and pink.

09. Ginger Color.

British shorthair cat

There is a British shorthair cat-like forehead mark same to the tabby color. This ginger color is also known by some as red. Also known as Garfield, a well-known cartoon character, these ginger-colored British cats.

10. Cinnamon Color.

British shorthair cat

Anyone who sees this will think that this color is a dilute variant of the chocolate color. But this is actually a collection of red-brown hues called hot chocolate. But similar light brown or milk chocolate-colored cats do not belong to this category. Due to their unique color, they are highly valued for sale or purchase.

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Lastly, if you choose a British shorthair cat, get a healthy pet from a good breeder according to your preferred color. If you are looking for a pet to show or compete with, you need to pay special attention to your choice.

But if you’ve looking for a British Shorthair cat for your loneliness and mental health, you do not need a breeder to get a pet of the color you prefer. I mean there are plenty of breeds like this in most pet shelters. Animals in such places are available to you at some cost or less and are a good choice as your partner because love for them is essential.

British shorthair cat

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